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Dear Visitor,

Why an e-book?  It was the only way to go.  I bought a copy of Search Engine Optimization for Dummies at the local bookstore.  It was published in 2006 which means it was probably written in 2005.  It made no reference to Google Universal Search, no mention of the Google Supplemental Index.  It suggested that you can willy-nilly add more pages to your site to enhance your internal link popularity, something no longer quite true since the advent of Google Supplemental.   The point is, an ebook can remain current.

I make my living as a college professor but the fact is that since 2004 the income from my internet business has rivalled that of my career vocation. For seven years, since 1999, I've helped small business clients rank better on the search engines through my SEO (i.e. search engine optimization) work and link building program. But I have always known that they could do even better if they only knew what I knew. So, this ebook is for you.

Th Dao of SEO book is intended largely for the small business person who can't afford or eschews paying the ridiculously inflated fees that dominate the SEO market. It is also intended for the folks who simply wants to do it for themselves and to manage their success without being dependent on anyone else.

Folks, I knew nothing when I started out seven years ago; I just had this crazy idea that maybe I could make a bit of extra money on the side that might furnish me with a retirement income. I had no idea how successful this would be or how satisfying.   My goal here is to help you succeed in the way that I have succeeded.  Maybe you'll get rich but minimally you'll have a better standard of living. To make that happen, I'll share with you everything I've learned over these past 7 years.

There are few if any "secrets" to ranking well. But the exact "how to" of success is still relatively elusive for even the most determined Internet surfer.  One  finds a snippet of truth here and a dash there but little that brings everything together for 2007. Undermining it all is the avalanche of misinformation, some of it just out-of-date but much of it self-servingly mischievous and perpetrated by overnight gurus who've participated in a few forums, made some notes, written a quick blog article and unleased it upon an unsuspecting world.  Why would someone bother to do that?  Often, just to get a back-link, useful for something called "link popularity".  

Well, in this ebook, I will try to steer you clear of the crap and simply share with you everything I've learned about Internet success in seven years of practicing SEO with small businesess across the world.


                                                                                      Ken Sproul


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 What the readers say...

"Ancient Chinese philosophy meets the World Wide Web as SEO Master Ken Sproul guides you along the Path towards search engine rankings and success as an Internet entrepreneur.  The same philosophy that inspired China's military genius Sun Tzu and guided martial arts wizard Bruce Lee will teach you how to beat the competition the 'natural' way.  Ken's insights are sharp, seasoned, and to the point. More importantly, they produce results!"

                                                                                  Michael Winn,  President,  Healing Tao USA

"Thanks for the book. It's SO packed with good readings... I've read almost every 'Gurus' SEO e-book and they usually have Font Size 14 BOLD and have limited information. I'm on page 57 now and can't wait to read the rest.... and I'm learning a thing or two about Daoism as well :)"

                        Martin Mölsted, Norway, Create Residual Income


"The Dao of SEO -- leave it to Ken Sproul to come up with an analogy that explains this ancient (well, ancient in Web Years) mystery wrapped in an enigma hidden by a riddle better than any other explanation I've seen.  Ken brings his unique perspective as a Westerner who has studied Chinese culture and history.  He has applied Daoist principles to the very ethereal concept of SEO by explaining, in simple terms, that which is by its very nature almost impossible to explain (or comprehend, for that matter), yet is nevertheless a source of much angst and many sleepless nights for those of us who have sought to understand and unravel the mysteries.  Ken has developed a way of thinking about SEO that allows it to be approached, and practiced like a fine martial art.  When an individual masters the basics, builds upon that solid foundation, keeps focused, disciplined, humble,  and balanced, then one can hone in on the skills to understand their opponent, find his weakness, and strike at precisely the right time, in the right place, with a decisive and focused burst of energy that will bring victory.

I've known Ken for several years now and have enjoyed bits and pieces of his wisdom much as I have from my martial arts instructors over the years (confession: I have studied the Japanese Okinawan style of Shotokan, as opposed to Bruce Lee's Jeet Kun Do, a Chinese style, but there are many commonalities amongst all martial arts, for sure).  Ken’s Yin has soothed the combative fury of my Yang as I’ve worked to build up the rankings of our company's website.  To have that wisdom refined and distilled into one place, as it is in this Ebook, is a valuable gift from Ken that is much overdue.  Sadly, in many cases I had to learn these lessons the hard way, by trial and error, investing large sums of money and time along the way.

Read The Dao of SEO -- learn -- and then read it again and again -- then, strive to embrace it and master it with your entire spirit.”

                                      Michael Martello, Baron & Chestney Real Estate, San Francisco


"SEO Got You Down?  Stop "Chasing the Dragon" --- trying every new SEO "trick" that comes along --- and put the time-tested basics of Search Engine Optimization to work for your website. "The DAO of SEO" by Ken Sproul shows you exactly what you need to do to get your site indexed, seen and ranked by the Search Engine Gods. 

Ken proves his point --- that SEO, like life, can be simple when basic and unchanging principals are adhered to. "The DAO of SEO' is a clear and concise road map to a seemingly complicated destination.   Highly recommended for both beginners and seasoned pros alike."

                                                                               Dr. Dana Myatt, Dr. Myatt’s Wellness Club


"Ken Sproul is THE guy to talk to about Natural Search Engine Optimization.  This book distills years of his exploration into what exactly the search engines want from you - and what they don't!  This is a logical, sensible approach to SEO, without all the hype and hoodoo.  If you have any interest in getting your site found by the search engines, you'd be a fool to pass this up."

                                                                                              Corie Conwell, Orphic Workshop

"The book is excellent, full of very good tips.  I know from working with Ken for over four years that his techniques are honest and reliable with no black hat stuff.  Many of my sites enjoy a page one ranking on Goggle and his advice has helped bring that about."

                                                                                     Mark McGlashan, Live Music 247


Selected Excerpts from Dao of SEO:


"Every word on a page contributes to the page’s 'optimization'.  What an SEO does is give the page its pointed edge.  While it’s the shaft that guides the spear to its target, it’s the pointed edge that brings home dinner."


"The key to creating a money-making site is what's known as the long-tail search.  It's all the less common search phrases that the competition ignores in their obession to be number one for the number one search phrase."


"Too many webmasters optimize the home page but don't worry much about the rest of the site or they just put the home page optimization on all the pages. It's a bit like when you add hot water to a cold bath. If you don't add enough hot water, the bath will remain cold even though the water you added was hot.  If you don't optimize your lower level pages you might as well get used to taking cold baths."


"Basically link popularity and optimization go hand in hand. Link popularity is like fuel for your car. Optimization is like having a car pointed in the right direction. Without fuel the car won't go anywhere. Without being pointed in the right direction the car won't end up where you want it to go. With an unfocused optimization, you can't fully exploit the benefits of link popularity. Without link popularity you can't get to where you're going assuming you have a destination in mind."


"And, here's another step-by-step case study...."




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